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The Untold Story Of Raksha Bandhan

The festival of Raksha Bandhan, dedicated to the unbreakable love of brother and sister, is being celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the country today. From the morning on the streets, Rakhi is a laughing-stock of sisters, who take the brothers and the fields and sweets, and the brothers in their homes. But do you know that this festival did not start with the brothers and sisters? When the Raksha Bandhan began, there is no clear date for it but it is believed that the festival started in Satyug. Many stories related to this festival are present in the Puranas …

King Bali was a great king and was also the exclusive devotee of Lord Vishnu. Once he organized the yagya. During this time, Lord Vishnu came with Vamnavatar to take his examination and asked Dan to give three pounds of land to the king in Dan. But he took the whole earth and sky in two steps. King Bali understood that God is taking their exams. For the third stage, he took the Lord’s foot on his head.

Then they prayed to God that now everything is gone, Lord, accept my plea and keep walking with me in the past. God accepted the devotee’s message and left the Vaikuntha and went to sea. The goddess Laxmi became disturbed. Then he raked up Leela and became a poor woman and reached Raji Bali and made Raja Bali a rakhi. Bali said that I have nothing to give to you, Goddess Lakshmi came in her form and said that you have a God in all, I want that I should come to take them only.

On this sacrifice sacrificed Lord Vishnu with Mata Lakshmi. While going on, Lord Vishnu boasted King Bali that he would live in the city for four months every year. This is known for four months as Chatrumas, from Devashani Ekadashi to Devuuthani Ekadashi.

A beautiful incident related to Rakhi is mentioned in the Mahabharata. Pretty because the incident shows that it is not necessary for him to be a relative to the brother and sister’s affection. The story is that when Yudhishthira was sacrificing Rajsuya in Indraprastha, Shishupal was present in the meeting at that time. When Shishupala insulted Lord Krishna, Shri Krishna slaughtered him with his Sudarshan Chakra.

Returning the Sudarshan Chakra, the little finger of God was cut short and blood flowed. Seeing this, Draupadi came forward and torn his sari’s pallu and wrapped it on the finger of Shri Krishna. At this time, Shrikrishna promised Draupadi that he would repay the debt of one thread. After this, when the Kauravas attempted to remit Draupadi, Shrikrishna kept rubbing the shame of Draupadi. It is said that on the day Draupadi had built a sari’s pallu in Krishna’s wrist, it was the day of Shravan Purnima.

Another story of Rakhi is that Dhanduputra was a major contributor to the Pandavas’ war of Mahabharata. During the Mahabharata war, Yudhishthar asked Lord Krishna, “O Kanha, how can I overcome all the troubles?” Tell me a solution. Then Shrikrishna told Yudhishtir that he would put all his soldiers in the dunks. This will ensure their victory. Yudhishthar did the same and won the victory. This incident is also believed to occur only on the full moon day of the Sawan month. Since then, the Holy Protector is tied on this day. That is why the soldiers have tied rakhi on this day.

There is a legend in the future Purana that Indrani Shachi has prepared a nakshatra from his Tapopole to protect Devraj Indra in battle with Vrittasura and tied it on Indra’s wrist on Shravan Purnima. This protector saved the Devraj and he won the battle. This incident also took place in Satyuga.

Alexander went out to conquer the whole world and came to India. Here he encounters Indian King Puru. King Purushu was a very brave and powerful king, he dumped Alexander into the war. Meanwhile, Sikandar’s wife came to know about the Indian festival Rakshabandhan. Then he sent Rakhi to Raja Puru to save the life of her husband Sikandar. Puru was surprised, but while respecting the threads of Rakhi, when he picked up his hand to attack Sikandar during the war, he saw Rakhi and was taken captive. On the other hand, seeing Rakhi in the purge of a banned Puru, Sikander also showed his big heart and returned his kingdom to Puru.


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