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Krishna Janmashtami Celebration 2019

Krishna Janmashtami is not only in India, but Hindus living outside India celebrate this festival according to their own accord and worship of Lord Shri Krishna. Janmashtami is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout India as Lord Krishna’s birthday.

when Janmashtami is celebrated?

According to the Janmashtami Hindu Calendar, after the full moon of the month of Shravan, the eighth day is celebrated, or it can also be said that after the Rakshabandhan, the biggest festival of brother Sister is celebrated on the eighth day, Krishna Birthday is celebrated on the eighth day.

When is Janmashtami in 2019?

Every year Janmashtami comes in the month of August, September. Like every year, this year also will be celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of September 2018, on Sunday, the festival of Ashtami will be celebrated. The same yoghurt is Honey or Gokul Ashtami on August 24, 2019. Devotees will celebrate their Kanha on this day and will be absorbed in devotion. And Kanha will shower his blessings on his devotees.

Shri Krishna Vasudev and Devaki were the eighth children, but soon after the birth of Shri Krishna, Vasudev had left his friend Nand Baba’s house to protect him from the arcs. That is why Sri Krishna’s nutrition was done by Nand Baba and Yashoda Maiya. All his childhood spent in Gokul. He started his childhood in Gokul and also killed his uncle Kansa.

Shri Krishna Ji is also considered the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. India is a country of equality in different ways, the example of this is that Janmashtami is known by many names. like

Ashtami Rohini
Shri Jayanti
Krishna Jayanti
Rohini Ashtami

How to worship Krishna Janmashtami worship

Shri Krishna was born at Vasudev and Devaki’s house at 12 o’clock. That is why in whole India, Krishna birth is celebrated at 12 o’clock in the night. Every year, on the eighth day of the month of Bhadav, people celebrate Shri Krishna in the form of a symbol of every temple and house in the night at 12 o’clock. After birth, they are anointed with milk, curd and purified water, and enjoys Makhan mishri, Panjari and cucumber. Thereafter, do aarti of Krishna Ji, some people sing hymns and dancing with joy all night long.

Makhan was very fond of Missy Krishna Ji. In his incarnation, he had broken a lot of gopis for this butter and stole the butter from many houses and ate it. Therefore they are also known as Makhan Chor. And this is why they are appropriately favoured by Makhan Mishri. In many places, there is also a matki burst competition, in which it is filled with a Makhan mishri and tied on a higher rope and from different places, it tries to break it and celebrates Krishna’s birth festival.

Some people keep fast fon this day and a Hospers food after birth. The method of fast of this day is quite simple; some people fast while staying fast, some people fast and eat some fruits, some people fast and fast after fasting because there is no rule for fast. The devotee can perform fast according to his wishes and can worship Sri Krishna. Always remember this fact that if you are not able to fast, then fast is not necessary.

You worship in your mind even after having reverence, then you are blessed with the death thief Kanha. Accepts your devotion, and gives you your ultimate blessing.

How to make Krishna Janmashtami indulgence

Sri Krishna Ji Bhoga form is adopted in the form of Machan Mishri, Khera Kadri, Panchamrta and Panjari. Take care not to accept the letter of Tulsi without acceptance of Shri Krishna. Therefore, whenever you enjoy Krishna, you do not forget to put Tulsi letters in it. Milk, curd, sugar, ghee and honey are found in Panchmrath made in the pleasure of Sri Krishna, and while enjoying it, Tulsi letters are mixed in it.

The person who is imposed on the petition is also separated from the ordinary judge. By the way, the beans are made of flour, but those who offer Pandari Krishna Ji, are made from coriander. To make clogging, roasted coriander is mixed with a little bit of ghee. And sugar syrup is mixed in it. People add dry fruits according to their wishes, some people even put them into sleep and then they enjoy Lord Krishna.

The birth celebration of Ashtami in India

However, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great enthusiasm, but Gokul, Mathura, Vrindavan were the prominent places of Lila of Sri Krishna. Therefore, the glee of this day is worth seeing here. In the temples, worship, chanting, worshipping kirtans are worshipped. The decoration of the temples on this day is also worth seeing.

The devotees of Shri Krishna also want this, on this day Kanha’s philosophy should be done at these places. Famous for its special Yogi Handi Festival on Mumbai and Pune Janmashtami in Maharashtra. And the reward of the reward given in this day’s Dahi Handi contest is the centre of attraction.

This is the sum of prize money, which is why there is the enthusiasm of the farms from far away. To break the curd of bamboo here, Mandela is prepared in many preparations for several days, and a group of several boys attempts to break it on one side of the day. And the boy who is most uprooted and cleanses the handi curd, it is called Govinda.

As soon as the Govinda curd dishes the honey, the whole mantra falls on the whole circle and becomes a separate atmosphere in that place. Dwarka in Gujarat where it is said that Shri Krishna had established his kingdom. The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated with special pooja and Darshan in the famous temple of that place. So it is customary to blow the kite on this day in Jammu.

Pooja is worshipped in Odisha, Pura and Bengal every night, and on the second day, Nand festival is celebrated. On this day people dance and sing kirtan. On the day of the Nand festival, people make a variety of dishes and break their fast. In the same south it is named Gokul Ashtami, and on this day Lord Krishna is worshiped. Similarly, all the places have their own worshiping method.

But if talk of Central India is there, then due to being in the middle of it, the practice of all sides is followed, and special celebrations of Krishna Birth, Bhajan Kirtan, Temples, Special Poojan Savaj Sarvas and Dahi Handi all the practices were well performed. is.


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