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Story of Karwa Chauth fast 2019

The main festival of Karva Chauth is the mainstream of women. This fast married woman does for her husband’s longevity. Karva Chauth’s fast is performed by Suhagan Sriti on Chaturthi of Kartik month’s Krishna Paksha. This fast holds every married woman according to her custom and prays to God with good health and good age of her life partner. Nowadays, this fast virgin girls also keep for good husband’s recovery.

Karva Chautha 2019 is the day of fast and muhurta?

Karva Chauth Vrat: In the year 2019, Karva Chauth Vrat: This year, in the year 2019, the fasting of Karva Chauth is on 17th October 2019.

The timing of moonlight on Karva Chauth is 8.15 in the evening.

Karva Chauth fast worship method

While performing the worship of Karva Chauth fasting, keeping a pot of water filled with lots and one curry on one plate. On this day, the statue of Lord Shiva and Kartikeya is built on the wall or on the paper for the worship of the moon and on it, and this statue is worshipped by the ladies. On this day women keep fast for the whole day until they even accept water and fruits. After the rigorous austerity of the day, when the moon is seen in the night, then this fast is completed after worshipping the Moon.

It is important to give the moon a half in the worship of Kaarva Chauth fast. Every woman who makes the fast gives the moon half and then the fast is complete. Now, after fulfilling your vow, women feed on water and food at night. When a woman starts doing this fast once, then she has to do this fast till her life. That is why it is not necessary that it be fasted only after being dry in every age. Once the Suhagan woman gives birth to this fast, she can take fruit, water and other things at the time of her convenience. In some similar way, the fasting of Teeratila Teej is also burning.

The story of Karwa Chauth fast:

Whenever a woman makes a whisper of Chaarava Chauth, she listens to the story during the fast. This practice of listening to stories during the fast is coming from ancient times. The story or story of this fast that is heard by a married woman is as follows:

There was a moneylender in a city. She had seven boys and a girl. In the month of Kartik, when the fourth part of the Krishna party came, the women of the family of the moneylender kept the fast while doing Karwa Chauth. When the son of a moneylender sat at night to take food, he asked Sahukar’s daughter (his sister) to eat together. When the brothers asked to eat food, their sister replied that today is my fast. On the exit of the moon, I will eat food after fulfilling my worship. The face was not seen due to sister’s hunger by the brothers. They tried to feed their sister. They went out of the house and burned the fire.

The light of that fire, showing her sister, said that the sister has brought out the moon. You feed the moon by applying the moon and worshipping it. After listening to his brothers’ coming out of the moon, the sister went to her sister-in-law and said. Sister-in-law has come out of the moon Let’s worship. But her sister-in-law knew the device made by her husbands. He also told his Nand about this and said that you also do not believe in his statement. But sister did not pay attention to the words of sister-in-law. Thus, his fast broke and Ganesh ji got angry with him.

Soon after this, her husband became ill and all the money in the house was spent on money and money. Now when the moneylender’s daughter came to know of the false fast done by him, he was very sad. He repented on his mistake. Now he again worshipped the fast with the whole law and worshipped Ganesh Ji.

This time Lord Ganesha was pleased with his fasting and devotion to Lord Ganesha. Gave life to her husband and provided wealth and property to her family. Thus, whoever performs this fasting with devotion, performs his life happily after getting rid of all worldly distress.

Karva Chauth fast method:

When a woman takes a lot of time by doing Karva Chauth fast, she can do her vow of vow according to her wishes. The women make the pudding and pudding in their house for the law of the festival of Karwa Chauth fast. Now, these podis keep thirteen places in a pile of four to four in one plate. Now they keep a little pudding above the pool. Now, above it, sari blouses impose a certain amount of rice according to their wishes and around them. Now touching the feet of his mother-in-law, he gives them. Now after all these thirteen devotees to the Brahmins and they are worshipped and worshipped by giving Dakshina.

Some women, on the other hand, are also preparing food for other happy ladies. For this, every woman who makes a pilgrimage to Karva Chauth is given her by the woman who is doing the hardening of the garden. On the day of Karwa Chauth fast, all women worship themselves after going to the house of a woman with a bright day and worship herself. After meals, all these women are made by placing the bindi and giving the content of the suhag. In this way, Karva Chauth is done in the morning law of fasting.

Adorned by women on Karwa Chauth:

In fact, the sanctity of women on every festival in India is natural. But when it comes to talking fourth, the enthusiasm of women is different. On this day, the woman does the whole sixteen adornments. Rather, preparing to decorate for this day is already started several days earlier. Ladies’ goes parlour to Mehndi. And on fasting, we wear special clothes, wears ornaments. The most important thing in jewellery is the woman worn by Nath. The beauty of the woman increases with the wearing of Nath, and four beauties in its beauty.


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