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Eid Ul Fitr (Fitar) 2019, History and Why We Celebrate It ?

Eid ul-Fitr is the biggest festival of Muslims, in the month of Ramzan, the people of all Muslim communities keep roasting, after the hard fasting of one month, in the end, this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. This means happiness. Eid ul-Fitr is also called Mithi Id

When and how do Eid ul-Fitr

This year, the festival of Eid ul-Fitr will be celebrated on June 14 from Thursday evening till June 15.

After the end of Ramadan, this holy day comes after the light of the moon. According to the Muslim Calendar, this festival comes in the tenth month. This month goes to Shawwal, and on its first day, it is a festival, which is celebrated for three days.

After having a fast during the month of Ramadan, when the moon is visible, a wave of excitement runs in everyone’s mind.

On this day, Muslims quickly woke up and weaved new clothes. Namaz is decorated and decorated in the house.

Dishes and sweets are made in every home; Muslims’ special “sevayya” is made in every house this day. No person is hungry on this day

On the day of Eid, all their relatives and friends meet at home. Get throats from one another. All the big ones give gifts or money to their younger, which is called “Idi”.

On this day, every person forgets to teach his gill and exchanges love. This love is a festival of sympathy and brotherhood. Eid fairs are also held in many places.

On this day every level of Muslim is seen happy, poor or rich all join together and celebrate this festival with enthusiasm.

On this day, all donations according to their power, the donations made on this day are called “Zakat ul Fitr”.

When and why are Ramzan celebrated

The month of Ramadan is considered in the month of Noah’s calendar of the Muslim calendar. Believing it to be a Muslim community, it adheres to all the rules.

It is believed that keeping roast in the month of Ramadan, the soul is pure, and the doors of the janat open for those who keep roasting.

This month, all Muslims live a regular life and do prayers and pray. This month of Ramadan is divided into 3 equal parts, each part contains 10 days.

The month of Ramadan teaches not only for the worship but also to control its bad habits.

All Muslims keep fasting this month, which is called Rosa, this month all Muslims take food in the east of the sunrise and after sunrise, they do not accept food till sunset, only after sunset they take food and water.

It is also a sin to talk about food and to think about eating Rosa in Ramadan. If someone laughs if Rosa Ekhayaar laughs, then his fast is broken.

The month of Ramadan is considered as the month of sacrifice and sacrifice is donated in this month; Whatever good works are done, it gets virtuous multiplication.

Drinking in this month is prohibited. It is also forbidden to have a physical relationship and to see a man and woman in a wrong way.

In this holy month, every Muslim lives a holy and ideal life, all the Koran falls and performs prayers.

This festival gives inspiration to sacrificing sacrifice and self-control. When a person does not accept food, he realizes the importance of it. When a person renounces, then he gets up and his soul is pure.

History of Eid Ul-Fitr

To be a good person in Islam is not enough to be the only religion of Islam, it is mandatory to follow the 5 rules in this religion – Imaan, prayers, Hajj travel, Rosa and Zakat.

Prophet Hazrat Mohammad in Arabia saw everyone here is moving away from each other; the whole Arab poor and the mir has been thrown into two parts, then Mohammed Sahib thought to unite everyone and everyone should follow a rule. To whom, named Rosa, said, “We will not eat anything for the entire day and will not even accept a drop of water. We have to sacrifice any dish, we have to leave it.” He said that in this, the spirit of sacrificing sacrifice and sacrifice will be awakened, one can feel the sadness of each other, and all will have goodwill in the mind.

They told the path of Zakat ul Fitr, everyone followed it and donated their own people to the people, they received help.

Other Things Related To This Festival

For the first time, this day was celebrated in 624 AD. Prophet Hazrat Muhammad fought with Badr, and in this war, the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad won, this was the first time that Eid ul-Fitr festival was celebrated.

With reference to festivals in Arabia, some important days were determined, in which the festival is celebrated by watching the moon on the first day of the month of Shawwal.

After the fast fasting of 29 days or 30 days of Ramadan is finished, this day comes, all Muslims together with love and goodwill, celebrate this festival, offer prayers, give donations, give a gift together with one another is.

Every Muslim has this duty on this day that he can donate to the needy as much as possible by his power. On this day, all the people pray to Allaah, forgive them for their mistakes and pray for Barkat.

I pray that all people will get the proper fruits of their fasting and Allah will adorn them on the path of Paradise.


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