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Why We Celebrate Dussehra In India

This festival of Dussehra is also called Vijaya Dashami, it is called the festival. Evil can occur in any form, such as anger, untruth, hatred, iras, sorrow, idleness etc. The elimination of any internal evil is also a triumph, and we should celebrate this kind of evil from ours every year and celebrate it on the 9th day, from which one day we can rule all our senses.

Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami significance

This is a festival celebrated in the celebration of good conduct on good conduct. Generally, Dussehra is a festival celebrated as a celebration of victory. The celebration of celebration differs from everyone. For the farmers, it is a celebration of new crops coming home. In the old days, weapons and weapons were worshipped on this day, because they saw it as a celebration of victory in the war. But the only reason behind all of these is the victory of good over evil.

For the farmers, celebrating the harvest of this hard work as the victory and the soldiers are celebrating victory over the enemy in the war.

This is celebrated on the tenth day of the Shukla party of Ashwin month. After nine days of Navratri, the celebration of victory is celebrated in the form of Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami. In the year 2018, Dussehra will be celebrated on October 8.

What is the story of Dussehra, why is celebrated?

There are many stories behind the day of Dusshera, the most popular story of which is to win the war of Lord Rama, breaking the pride of Ravana by destroying the evil of Ravana.

Ram was the prince of Ayodhya Nagri, his wife’s name was Sita and his younger brother, whose name was Laxman. Raja was the father of Dasharatha Ram. Due to his wife Kaikey, these three had to leave Ayodhya town for fourteen years of exile. During the same exile, Ravana kidnapped Sita.

Known of Ravana Chaturvedi, Mahabalalaji was the king who had gold, but he had a great ego. He was a great Shiva devotee and used to tell himself as an enemy of Lord Vishnu. Indeed, Ravana’s father Vishwanath was a Brahmin and the mother was a monster, so Ravana had a Brahmin knowledge and had a similar power to a monster and the two things had an ego in Ravana. Lord Vishnu took Ramavatar to finish it.

Ram fought with Ravana to bring his Sita back, in which Vanar Sena and Hanuman Ji supported Ram. In this war, Ravana’s younger brother Vibhishan also supported Lord Rama and in the end, Lord Rama killed Ravana by destroying his arrogance.

How are the horrors today celebrated?

In today’s time, Dussehra is celebrated as a medium for these mythological legends. After the end of nine days of mother’s celebrations, the tenth day is celebrated as a celebration. In which Ram Leela is organized in many places, in which the characters from the characters of Ramayana and present this war of Ram-Ravana in the form of drama.

Dussehra Festival Mela:

On many occasions, this day becomes dirty, in which many shops and banquets are organized. Drama plays are performed in those events.

On this day people clean up their vehicles and worship the houses in homes. Merchants worship their accounts. Farmers worship their animals and crops. Engineers worship their tools and their machines.

On this day all the men and children of the house go to the Dussehra field. There combusted the effigy of Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Ravana son Meghnath. All cities celebrate this mythical victory with the people. Enjoy meals. After that Shami papers, which are called gold silver, bring it to their home. After coming home, ladies of the house at the door are welcomed by placing Tilak and taking out aarti.

It is believed that man has returned home by combusting his evil, so he is welcomed. After this person gives a Shami letter and then blesses him by touching the feet of the elder. In this way all the people of the house go to the neighbourhood and relatives of the relatives and give Shami letters and bless them with great power, give love to the smallest and happily join hands with the neighbours.

If you say in a line, this festival is meant to strengthen mutual relations and increase brotherhood, in which man cleanses the hater of hatred and hatred in his heart and meets each other through a festival.

In this way, this festival is celebrated in the big festival of India and is celebrated with great ecstasy.

There is only one sentiment behind our religious beliefs in our country, that is the feeling of love and virtue. This festival reminds us of the power of unity, which we are forgetting due to lack of time; in this case, this festival binds us with its foundations.

Dussehra in Modern Time

In today’s time, the festivals are taking a modern look apart from its reality, which has reduced its importance somewhere. like-

There was a custom of visiting each other at Dussehra, now they have taken the form of mobile calls and internet messages.

Empty hands did not go away, so Shami used to take the letter, but now instead of taking sweets and trophies, it has become a festive festival with the cost of spending.

The legend was remembered behind Ravana daan, from which everybody should get a message that ego vanishes, but now there are different types of fireworks which are fueled due to the increase in the cost of waste. At the same time, the problems of pollution are increasing and the accidents are also increasing.

Thus, festivals are changing because of modernization. And, somewhere, the common citizens are turning away from them as a form of religious flutter. These forms have been spoiled by humans only. According to the Puranas, the form of all these festivals was very simple. It was not a pretence but a belief in God. Today, they are becoming so distant from their foundation that human beings are filling bitterness. Humans have started seeing them as a waste of time and money.

We all should understand the reality and celebrate the festivals as simplicity. Festivals have a special contribution in keeping the country’s economic system smooth, so we must celebrate all the festivals.


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