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Why We Celebrate Dhanteras and It’s Importance?

On the day of Dhanteras Goddess Lakshmi and Dhanvantari are worshipped. This festival is celebrated two days before Diwali. Both Lakshmi and ‘danvantri’ were born from sea churning. On this day, Kuber Deity and Yamraaj are worshipped with them. It is said that on this day, the sum of the death of premature death is terminated by donating deep in the south direction. On the day of Dhanteras, there is a tradition of buying silver and other new utensils, many mythological stories have been said behind all these practices.

When is Dhanteras celebrated?

This Kartik month is celebrated on the third day of Krishna Paksha. On this day Kuber, Lakshmi, Dhanvantri and Yamraj are worshipped. This day is celebrated two days before Deepawali. From this day, the festival of Deepawali starts. Dhanteras will be celebrated on October 25 in the year 2019.

Importance of Dhanteras

Kartik month Krishna Pyaayodi was born of Dhanvantari Deity, he was born from sea churn and was born with nectar urn, for which such a grand sea churn was done. Lakshmi Ji was also born from this sea mantra. Dhanteras was named because of the birth of Dhanvantri. Dhanvantari is also the Vaidya of Devo, hence this day is also called Ayurveda Day.

The practice of buying pot and silver on Dhanteras day:

Dhanvantari was born with a cauldron in hand because it was a pot of great elixir, so on this day, it is also the practice of buying new utensils in the houses.

Silver is typically bought on this day. It is believed that the goddess of wealth is worshipped on this day. This worship is done for the purpose of earning money. It is said that man should develop intelligence before giving money. Your body should be cooled down. Therefore, on this day, silver is said to be called the symbol of the moon which gives coolness. Thus, on the day of Dhanteras is the practice of buying pot and silver.

In this way, now in the modern era, whatever man has to buy on this day, he purchases it as the importance of Lakshmi Puja.

Dhanvantari dev was born on this day, so it is the rule of worship. On this day, the god Yamraaj of Mata Lakshmi and the death is also worshipped. The stories behind this are as follows:

Dhanteras Story

In the mythical era, there was a king named Hem, he had no children. After acknowledging him very much, he received the son by the grace of Dev Gan. When he created the horoscope of the son, astrology said that the death of this child is the sum of his death on the tenth day of marriage.

Upon hearing this, King Hem decided not to marry the son and sent him to a place where there was no woman. But no one can move ahead of fortune. In the thick forest, the king’s son got a beautiful girl, which he fell in love and both married Gandharva.

According to the prophecy, the time came for the son to die on the tenth day. To take his life, the emperor of Yamraam came to Earth. When he was taking his life, listening to the voice of the widow of the deceased was also experiencing grief in the heart of the Yamdoot, but he was obliged before his duty.

Yama, when Yama came to Yama with Prana, was very sad, then Yama Raj said, it is natural to be unhappy, but we are constrained further. In such a situation, the Yama asked Yama Raja, O Rajan, there is no way to stop this premature death?

Then Yamraj said that if a person lights a lamp in the south and the south gate at the door of his house and on the day of Triadshi of Kartik Krishna Paksha, then the meaning of premature death will be removed from his life. That is why this day worship of Yamraaj is done.

Importance of Lakshmi worship method on Dhanteras:

Laxmi ji is worshipped on this day. There is a story behind this too. One Lord Vishnu thought of seeing the light. Then Goddess Lakshmi also expressed the desire to walk with Vishnu told him that you can come along, but like I will say you will have to do that, then only walk along.

There was no objection to the goddess, she accepted the condition. Both of them turned out for the visit. Only then, Vishnu went towards South direction and told Goddess Lakshmi that Goddess, you did not come after me, stay here and wait for me. After his departure, Mata Lakshmi came to her mind that why did she ask him to wait, should he go and see, after thinking of this, he went behind Vishnu Ji.

Lakshmi Ji started moving towards the south, only when he got a green farm There were many flowers in which they were too far, they were the fields of sugarcane and granite for breaking some flowers, they broke them.

After some time he got Vishnu Ji, he got angry after seeing the dough behind him and asked about the full and fruit kept in his hand, who gave it to him, then Lakshmi Ji said, ‘I have broken it for myself, then Vishnu Ji got angry and said that you have stolen from the farmer’s farm, you had refused to come back, you did not believe and became a part of sin. Now you have to stay in that farmer’s house for 12 years and serve him. Vishnu left such a speech and left them.

For twelve years, Lakshmi ji did all the work of the farmer’s house, living in the house of Lakshmi, the property of the farmer increased manifold, only that the day came when Vishnu came to collect Lakshmi ji for 12 years but the farmer sent it Did not speak from Then Vishnu Ji said that it is the Goddess of wealth like this one can not live in the house of man, it was here because of atonement.

Still do not regard the farmer Then Lakshmi Ji said that if people would worship Lord Kartik Krishna Parvatha on the Kartik Krishna Paksha by lighting the ghee of ghee and clean my house and worship me in the evening, then I will remain invincible for the entire year in his house, since then on the day of Dhanteras Lakshmi The significance of worship of Jee is explained in the Puranas.


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