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April Fool Day History Facts

People of the whole world celebrate this day, there is no suitable reason. Some countries also have a holiday on this day, whereas for other countries this is a normal calendar date. This day is April Fool’s Day. It is also known as Naughty Day. People all over the world are free to make fun of this day. These pranks and jokes are not meant to harm anyone. The victims of this kind of joke are called April fools.

And these famous lines say, “April fool created, you got angry, what was wrong with me, time wasted, who created the ritual, made April fool”. April Fool is an annual festival which is celebrated on 1st April.

April Fool’s day Origin

Although there have been many stories around its origin, yet there is no true information about when this festival was celebrated for the first time, or what was the reason for this. Some say that it is related to the change in the French calendar, while others believe that it is related to the engagement of King Richard II of England to Anne of Bohemia. Still, some are of the opinion that it is related to Hilaria. All these doctrines show that there is no concrete traditional evidence about this day.

April fool’s day History

Changes in the French Calendar – In France people used to follow the Julian calendar before the Gregorian calendar, the rulers and the Church of France had closed it in 1582. According to the old calendar, the new year was considered on April 1, this date from the new calendar became January 1. But those who were not aware of this change kept on celebrating the New Year on April 1, they were considered foolish. Other people made fun of him and put a paper fish on his back.

Celebrating the beauty of nature as a festival – generally “spring equinox” is considered to be the end of winter and the arrival of spring. This was the time of the flowering of colourful flowers. For this reason, in some cultures, people marked it as change and started celebrating natural beauty.

Relation with Hilaria Festivals – In ancient times, people living in Rome used to worship the Atlas. During this ceremony, which was called Hilaria, people used to wear weird clothes and it was necessary to wear masks in the festival. Because of this, people could create mockery. For this reason, historians and scholars started adding the origin of the April Fool to this celebration.

According to Canterbury Tales – Canterbury Tales was published in 1508, which gave the fairytale of April Fool’s Day to popularity. According to a theory, this day came into being due to an error in printing. Other theories that are given in this tale. He puts light on the square, which was a proud cock which the fox easily fooled,

Fish of April in France- Alloy ‘Ammel was the poet of France; This was called “Poisson d’Avril” and it was translated as Fish of April. On the first day of April, in the big offices, his foolish servant is sent to do some unnecessary work.

Duke Alvarez de Toledo was ruled by the Netherlands during history-1570 in the Netherlands. He was of Spanish origin and was in a fierce battle in 1572, in which the king was defeated. For this reason, it is said that in this area that on April 1, Alvarez had lost his glasses.

Ideas for the Day

Empty gift box for colleagues – wrap an empty box well, and put it on the table before the peer arrival. The person will be happy to see the box, and when you shout the April flower, it will become a flower.

Half of your partner’s socks – You can sew your spouse’s socks from the middle. They can not wear it as much as they try.

Put the plot of your neighbour on the cell – for that, you have to take up before sunrise and have to make a plaque “For Sale”, hang it on the plaza plot. If a buyer comes, then they will do better prank experience.

Refrigerator children’s ceramic snack – Another harmless prank is to be done in the morning to store the caramel in the fridge. The milk will be frozen, when your child spoons it, it will become numb.

Serving gel o juice – call your friends home and then put them in the glass juice. In juice, the juice will not only be jail.

Books on April’s fool day

April Fools and April Fish: Towards a Theory of Ritual Pranks – This book was written by famed writer Allan Dudens in 1988. In this book, the author has tried to highlight the relation to the origin of the day. He has explained this issue with a lot of opinions

April Fool’s Day – Bryce Court wrote this novel, and it was published in 1993. This novel was based on the life of his son, Damon Courtney. He was afflicted by life-threatening haemophilia. During her blood climbing, she was given an HIV positive blood. Because of this, he died on 1 April 1991.

Initially, Damon attempted to write his feelings, but when he could not do so, he decided to write the book due to the promise made to his son (writing his place), in the name of the author, the author has written, Damon’s character, love and friendship Decided to write about her thoughts and how to treat HIV.

The Guardian Book of April Fool’s Day – This book was written by Martin VanRight and was published in 2007. In this book, readers have been told about the sequence of events that happened in the past years, and how the media is spreading it, they have also been told. Apart from this, information about famous Pranks, Jokes and Tricks can also be obtained.

Do not know what the reasons are, but the fame of this day is spreading year by year. Although it has not yet been declared as an official holiday in any country, people take out time to do some innocent pranks with their friends, family and enjoy the day.

Quotes For April Fool’s day

If you want to build a strong relationship with your family and friends, then these are the best ways to share harmless jokes with them.

A little fun never gets any damage, but it can reduce the mental distances by bringing smiles on everyone’s face.

April Fool’s Day is the best day for filling and pruning old ducks with people, which can also increase the hand of friendship.

If you think that you are smarter than others, you should take precautionary measures to save your respect from those who pretend.

Humans need to believe in each other. But nobody should believe in anyone on the day of April Fools Day, your closest friend can also make you flowers

Make a unique prank that will make the Serious Day fun and interesting.

If you have the power to make fun of someone, then you should play the same role as the player when pranking someone else

Sirius talk should be reduced on the day of April Fools, people will not believe you and will consider it a prank.

You do not need to wait for April 1 to prank your loved ones. All you need is that you have a plan that can make him a fool so that he smiles on his face.

If you want to prank, then any day is only April Fools Day.


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